Window Cleaning

We offer a professional window cleaning and any other glass surfaces – mirrors, showcases, furniture sections etc.

Our brand is known in the industry as an expert in all kinds of cleaning services: carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, curtain cleaning and others. If you want to restore the brilliance to your home by taking care of the overall interior hygiene, you know what to do – just contact us.

The field where we are truly good is the professional window cleaning. This is one of the most unpleasant activities for every housewife, because it takes time and effort to get the desired final result. The spots are stubborn, the effect of “blurring” is more than certain and the detergents known in the market as suitable for window cleaning are not always a good investment. For this reason, there is a large number of households that leave the black work in our hands. And of course, we are endlessly grateful to them.

As you already know, you can also get other services apart from window cleaning. We listed some of them above, but the list can be extended. The service that our customers want on a regular basis is cleaning with the power of steam. It is hygienic, harmless and eliminates any need of toxic and harmful detergents use. Another service we are experts in and which is highly sought after is end of tenancy cleaning of houses, apartments and other premises. We all know what happens when an apartment changes the owners and the whole household. It’s a complete chaos around there. If you’ve come across with such a mess, now it’s the time to call us and then you will be able to take care of yourself and your family.

What does our Window Cleaning include:

Apart from the standard, well-known procedure, we will also be working on the window builders cleaning. Our task is to reach the most difficult places, leaving no trace. Every corner will be cleaned to shinning and your satisfaction is one hundred percent guaranteed.

We will clean your windows inside and outside cleaning and from top to bottom. Never mind if we are talking about French windows or miniature ones – our mission is to give you a pleasure, comfort and long-lasting results. Why the results are long-lasting? Because the detergents we use make smudges run away for a long time. Moreover, the detergents we use are not harmful to human and pet health.

Window Cleaning

There is no danger to your children. Our window cleaning service is an express, not traceable and afforfable to everyone.

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2 bed, 1 bath£150£190
2 bed, 2 bath£180£220
3 bed, 1 bath£210£250
3 bed, 2 bath£240£280
4 bed, 2 bath£300£340
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1 Bed, 1 Bath£160
2 bed, 1 bath£200
2 bed, 2 bath£240
3 bed, 1 bath£260
3 bed, 2 bath£300
4 bed, 2 bath£350
4bed, 3 or 4 bath - Call us for a quote

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