Oven Cleaning

We offer oven cleaning, as well as complete cleaning of kitchens. This is a small part of the services you could find with us. Some of the others are: cleaning of furniture and upholstery, hygiene care in the kitchen, office, complete interior cleanliness, etc.

The very idea of oven cleaning makes every housewife to complain and to try avoiding it. Unfortunately, this responsibility can not be bypassed. Except in one case – when you ask for assistance and help from professionals. We also include ourselves in your choice. You can easily receive our help – the contact details listed on our website are fully available, day and night. But a little later you will be able to receive more information on it.

Talking about oven cleaning, cleaning of hotplates and grills, we imagine not the object for cleaning, but its covering. The stubborn dirt makes this task not just unpleasant but completely unbearable. Adding the strong detergents with a serous risk to the health, the picture becomes very repulsive. But the stains can not be removed in other way! Grease and machine oil are among the top 5 most unpleasant for cleaning consistency. Their removal requires time, patience and a strong hand. That’s why the housewives are looking for help and assistance. That’s exactly what we offer!

Oven cleaning process

The oven cleaning process includes several moments. First of all, your arrangement with us. It clarifies the following points: address and location and how long you want to use our services. If you want to become a subscriber for a certain period of time, it is endlessly profitable for you and for us, too. In this way, we make a mutually convenient schedule for periodic oven cleaning. The oven cleaning may not be for your home, but you can give the cleaning service as a gift to your close friends, relatives, and others.

Once we have specified the days and the entire period duration in which we will deal with one of the fastest contaminated area in the home, you forget about the problem. All you have to do is to unleash your potential and to demonstrate your culinary skills. We guarantee that there will be no trace of them.

Oven Cleaning

When you contact us, you can get information about our free days for appointment or you can choose when you want receive our cleaning service. We’ll discuss issues such

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FlatOne level Split level
1 Bed, 1 Bath£130£160
2 bed, 1 bath£150£190
2 bed, 2 bath£180£220
3 bed, 1 bath£210£250
3 bed, 2 bath£240£280
4 bed, 2 bath£300£340
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Carpet cleaning:Prices
Single Bedroom£20.00
Double Bedroom£25.00
Living / Dining / Lounge£35.00
Through Lounge£55.00
Stairs (up to 15 steps)£25.00 or £2.00 per step
Landing / Hallway£10.00/£15.00
Rugs prices start at (depending on size)
Commercial Carpet Cleaning £2.00 per m2

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