Housekeeping for serviced apartments

We offer housekeeping for serviced apartments where we consider one fundamental activity. Complex. Quality. Timely. And this is the periodic, pre-agreed cleaning of all the premises, which the housing consists of. Forget about the mould, the tiles and the joints in the bathroom, forget about the fat-stained hotplates and ovens. Stop fighting the stubborn dirt on the upholstery, carpet or curtains. Simplify your life by eliminating window cleaning, the cleaning of the layered dust or the clogged channels. Leave us the solving of that problems.

One of the most ordered services is the mentioned above – housekeeping for serviced apartments. This means that we can clean up when you are at home or wheno you decide to go shopping. You can be in the room where we clean or to go out for a meeting with friends. You set the terms, and we are only required to complete them.

As a part of any housekeeping for serviced apartments is the requirement of impeccable cleanliness and care for their occupants. We use harmless, high-quality and reaching every corner detergents. Using them, we lead the hard struggle against the dirty deposits, considering consistency ratio. Last but not least, we also carefully choose the cleaning tools – sponges, microfiber towels, steam cleaners and any specialized equipment. We have a set of appropriate machines for cleaning of your carpets, your upholstery and any other delicate surfaces and fabrics.

What type of housekeeping for serviced apartments to expect?

As we emphasize the fact that it is about housekeeping for serviced apartments, you can be sure of two things. First, we will not prevent you and your roommates from doing your everyday activities while we work in your home. Second, you can have full confidence that everything will be where you left it. The only difference is that it will be polished to brilliance.

Many of the housewives did not believe we could handle the stubborn dirt in their kitchen. Many men were surprised to see their upholstery refreshed and deeply cleaned. We do not damage the furniture, nor do we worsen the condition of the hard surfaces. But you become truly convinced in one way. That’s right. We have just to contact us!

We have pointed our contact details. You can send us an email, make a phone call or visit us in the office where we will properly meet you. If you have any questions you are welcome to contact us by email. We are ready to discuss your requirements by a phone call, as well as you can get informed about our preferential prices. Everything we offer will also be available to you. Everything you need will be delivered to you in a professional and accessible way.

We are looking forward your request!

Housekeeping for serviced apartments

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FlatOne level Split level
1 Bed, 1 Bath£130£160
2 bed, 1 bath£150£190
2 bed, 2 bath£180£220
3 bed, 1 bath£210£250
3 bed, 2 bath£240£280
4 bed, 2 bath£300£340
4bed, 3 or 4 bath - Call us for a quote
Carpet cleaning:Prices
Single Bedroom£20.00
Double Bedroom£25.00
Living / Dining / Lounge£35.00
Through Lounge£55.00
Stairs (up to 15 steps)£25.00 or £2.00 per step
Landing / Hallway£10.00/£15.00
Rugs prices start at (depending on size)
Commercial Carpet Cleaning £2.00 per m2
Arm chair£20.00
2 seater sofa£30.00
3 seater sofa£40.00
4 seater sofa£50.00
Mattress cleaning:Prices
Double mattress£30.00
Single mattress£20.00

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