Commercial kitchen cleaning

Commercial kitchen cleaning of  is another service provided by our company. As you can see, the list of professional services which we are experts in is long and comprehensive. You will encounter services like upholstery cleaning, cleaning of carpets and hard flooring, complete interior cleaning, office and commercial cleaning, and more.

Each of the services we offer can be a real challenge for every good housewife who has a career, family and social life. When we are talking about scale-up activities related to commercial kitchen cleaning, things get complicated.

If there are a greater number of consumers, there are more and more stubborn dirt. We know that the cooking area is one of the dirtiest places in the buildings and housing. Every day we encounter spots of coffee, wine, lyutenitsa, jams, dressings, sauces, chocolate, chewing gum, etc. The list is really endless. Therefore, all types of cleaning associated with kitchen areas are annoying and unpleasant.

We have a solution for you. If you are the owner and you are among those who need a commercial kitchen cleaning, you can send us your request through our contact form. Our website is comprehensive – it allows you to search, find and choose what you currently need. We promise to do it quickly, silently, professionally and … cheap. Because of the limited time we have and we know you time is valuable, so we can not afford to delay you. At the same time you can not afford the lack of brilliance and coziness, whether in the office or another commercial area. Such as the commercial kitchen.

Commercial kitchen cleaningwhy us?

A number of laws related to the impeccable maintenance of public catering places, do not exclude and even require the perfect condition of the kitchen. In case you also need the service of commercial kitchen cleaning, we are the right choice. We will help you keep your brand and your good reputation level. Your food will be delicious, the customers-satisfied and the premises will be clean and bright. We are able to clean the ovens, the hot plates, the aspiration, the floor, the kitchen countertops and all those places that suppress you.

We work exclusively to reach the desired results using detergents without harming the health of your customers. And your own health, too. About pricing – this issue will be discussed when you contact us.

There are several ways to do this: you can get in touch with us by the specified email address; by calling or visiting us. In any case, our website is available 24 hours a day and makes your contact with us secure, reliable and free of charge.

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FlatOne level Split level
1 Bed, 1 Bath£130£160
2 bed, 1 bath£150£190
2 bed, 2 bath£180£220
3 bed, 1 bath£210£250
3 bed, 2 bath£240£280
4 bed, 2 bath£300£340
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Carpet cleaning:Prices
Single Bedroom£20.00
Double Bedroom£25.00
Living / Dining / Lounge£35.00
Through Lounge£55.00
Stairs (up to 15 steps)£25.00 or £2.00 per step
Landing / Hallway£10.00/£15.00
Rugs prices start at (depending on size)
Commercial Carpet Cleaning £2.00 per m2

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